Introducing a new editorial series between us and the artists we love.

Inspected have switched up their coveted Powered by Inspected compilations for a new Powered by Inspected EP series. Shorter collections promoting equally boundary-breaking music, no compromises. Next up, Tru Fonix.

1. Tell us everything there is to know about your new track “Snow”
The track was originally a pitch for an advert, it's a couple of years old now but at the time we were taking some influences from some old garage mixes. We were trying to make use of more samples instead of creating everything from synths. The Chords in the first drop are just samples that have been effected differently here and there, it sounded nice as it was and we felt it didn't really need re-creating. There are also some nice samples in there from Output's Arcade, this is really cool plugin/sampler for developing some quick inspiration.


2. What’s the most useful piece of equipment or software in your musical toolkit?

Probably our headphones, we both have been moving around recently and our rooms aren't the best acoustically so a lot of the mixing is done in headphones.
3. Where does the name Tru Fonix spring from?
About five hours of dictionary reading and procrastination. Fonix being an alternative phonetic pronunciation to phonics, there's a sentence for you. Then we just dropped the E from True because we're crazy.


4. What’s your most played song this year?

Our most played song this year is probably our track 'Vision' on Gold Digger. 


5. What obsessions do you explore in your spare time?

Dave - Since the start of lockdown I've got into a lot of cooking, I'm basically pro chef now. Jimmy - I've been doing a lot of upscaling and crafting furniture.


6. What is something that you believe that other people think is insane?

That Dave is 33

7. If you could merge 2-3 musicians/artists into one super musician/artist, who would you choose?
Timbaland and Muse, what would that even sound like?

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