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March 06, 2019


Introducing a new editorial series between us and the artists we love.

Ahead of their return to Inspected and the release of the “Yoja” EP, we ask the Ekcle boys a series of quick-fire questions.

1. Tell us everything there is to know about your new EP, “Yoja”

Yoja was first started about 2 or 3 years ago, around the same time Deshoda was released. The first track we wrote from the EP was Totemfire, when there was a time when Jack lost his spoon and couldn’t eat his dessert and got very distressed (there is an appropriate video to document this), followed by Within The Palms Of A God. It was a (fun) nightmare to write! The name ‘Yoja’ is completely made up. There’s 5 tracks, it’s 27 minutes long and it’s out next Friday! We’ve got some videos from the making of the EP that we’ll be posting to our Instagram.

2. What’s the most useful piece of equipment or software in your musical toolkit?

Harvey: Probably the most useful piece of software is what we call a ‘Mix Checker’ that we made to monitor every song in various ways to get a consistent overall sound. NERDS.

Jack: I would say a combination of Isotope Trash/Alloy, Transient Shapers in general and we rinse the FabFilter stuff!

3. Why Ekcle with the “C” and “K” the wrong way round?

What is the right way round? What is the sound of a one hand clap?

4. What’s your most played song this year?

We’re gonna have to give two because there’s two of us, haha...

Mine [Harvey] is Earl Sweatshirt “Cold Summers”, and Jack’s is either MostFear “This City Never Sleeps” or K-Trap/Blade Brown “Back To Cali

5. What obsessions do you both explore in your spare time?
We both enjoy normal and weird things but a healthy mix. [Harvey] likes skateboarding, humanphilosophy, long walks on the beach etc. [Jack] likes to play Xbox, drink gin and appreciate the power of nature.

6. What is something that you believe that other people think is insane?

Man Like YEEZ

7. If you could merge 2-3 musicians/artists into one super musician/artist, who would you choose?

Flying Lotus, Hans Zimmer + Tuomas Holopainen


Ekcle’s “Yoja” EP is released on March 15th as INSP038.