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INSPECTING: gyrofield

May 02, 2021


Introducing a new editorial series between us and the artists we love.

A kindred musical misfit, gyrofield’s sound, style and story are currently matchless in this game. Aged 18, hailing from Hong Kong but currently based in Bristol, few emerging artists have made such an impression in such a short time across so many electronic music fields.

Each gyrofield release so far has explored a different corner of her palette and psyche. Restrained, emotive drum & bass, fierce, free-spirited IDM, glacial ambient works and all unchartered territories in between, often in one release. Her latest Inspected EP ‘Title Card’ is no exception…

  1. Tell us everything there is to know about your new EP “Title Card”

It’s a musical journal, but I’m not a perfect observer or a perfect reporter - I take aspects of my life, the world and reality, and push them through the aperture of my musical lens. Along the way a little bit of edge, a little slice of melodrama and a spoonful of surrealism is added, but it’s needed. Think of it as making a documentary.

  1. What’s the most useful piece of equipment or software in your musical toolkit?

Whichever gives me the most tumultuous snares.

  1. Where does the name gyrofield spring from?


  1. What’s your most played song this year?

If I Smiled by Dawn Wall

  1. What obsessions do you explore in your spare time?

I am obsessed with perfectly partitioning my time - creating schedules in my daily life to maximize and optimize efficiency. It means something more to me than just living my life, I feel compelled to use my time optimally, every minute wasted would feel like a loss. Other than that I enjoy cooking and caramelizing onions. I like getting just the right amount of browning on my food. Overall I have a kind of obsession with getting things just right.

  1. What is something that you believe that other people think is insane?

The more I discover about the world, the more I find that truth is irrelevant to the expression of the self. Arbitrary concepts like good or bad blurs in the face of creative deliberation. If I make music that sounds uncomfortably loud and ugly, it’s because I felt the tension in the sound, and I want to show you. If I make music that sounds thin and synthetic and fractured, it’s because I’m taking out a shard of my mind and showing you all its jagged edges. Music makes no sense, objectivity is dead, do what you want.

  1. If you could merge 2-3 musicians/artists into one super musician/artist, who would you choose?

Igor Stravinsky, Sigur Ros and Britney Spears. Chaos is beautiful. 

➞ https://insp.ec/TitleCard