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May 28, 2024

Following the release of 'Injure Them', we sat down with TESSERACTS to ask some very important questions...

1. Tell us everything there is to know about your new track “Injure Them”

Frank started the sketch of the track around one year ago. He was just having fun with the halftime groove and sound design. For the main riff he used the double bass recordings he recorded earlier for another project. Of course he had to add tons of processing on it. Then we had solid groove but it lacked something...

Around that time we discovered Vellum and his track "The Trilogy" with Gravity on vocals. We fell in love with the track and Gravity's voice and decided to hit him up.

2. What’s the most useful piece of equipment or software in your musical toolkit?

A couple months ago we finally invested in a subwoofer (KRK s8.4). I think this was one of the most important changes for our music to finally hear and feel the sub. Previously we were just using plugins to see how the sub looks like and kinda guess how it sounds. Now we hope this purchase will make us use the low frequencies more creatively and interesting.

3. Where does the name TESSERACTS come from?

Some time ago we had our old music project called "F Square" - because there is two of us and our names start with "F" (Filip and Frank). Then we decided to go into heavier music styles and we came up with "TESSERACTS" because it's like a square or a cube but in 4th dimension - next level.

4. What’s your most played song this year?

It's our remix of the legendary song "Shapeshifter" from Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2005 by Celldweller and Styles Of Beyond. The genre of this track is very niche, called NeuroBreaks. We think it's perfect for this remix.

5. What is something that you believe that other people think is insane?

We believe that music is for us instead of us living for the music.

Music gives a lot of really amazing things and experiences but sometimes you can feel like its making you sick. The one thing you have to remember is: you don't have to make music to be happy. Sometimes its better to just stop working on a project or stop pushing just to fulfil your ego.

If I'm working on a track and it doesn't give me joy anymore, I just take a break from it.

6. If you could merge multiple musicians/artists into one super musician/artist, who would you choose?

KOAN Sound, Nitepunk, Alon Mor, Cory Wong, Gareth Coker

TESSERACTS 'Injure Them' (ft. Gravity) is released 23rd May 2024.