The Escapism Collection — Preview

 The Escapism Collection
SS16 — 26th February

We think too much and feel too little — Escapism.

Photographed in British Columbia by Brandon Artis.

Inspected — 5 Years

Today, we are both proud and humbled to announce the 5th birthday of Inspected.

We started this for artists that didn't fit elsewhere, we are a collective of misfits doing what we love. As we truly believe that music is one of the only aspects of life that can transcend every boundary, we announce that for the first time, the entire Inspected music catalogue is available to download for free for 24 hours only.

As our own way of saying thank you...

The Leather Accessory Collection

The Leather Accessory Collection
SS16 — 20th February

It's what's on the inside that counts — behind the scenes.

A collection of handmade leather phone cases – a result of diligent research and craftsmanship.

Behind the Scenes: How We Create Our Collections

Behind the Scenes: How We Create Our Collections

From day one Inspected's focus was on music, it's the DNA of our brand and those who work with us. However as time went on we wanted to shift some of our focus on something tangible, almost a physical representation of the mostly intangible digital world of music. As time went on the business ran two vertices in tandem, the music and the clothing, no easy task as both sides of the business require vastly different approaches. We realise our fans want content around our artists, their music and shows, however there may also be those of you who are interested in...


The latest addition to the Inspected family has become fully engrained into our roster, and we couldn't be happier with the feedback from the fans. We're constantly looking for artists around the world who inject fresh ideas and sounds into the music we release, we found that in Skope. After the recent release of the Nordic EP on Inspected and a stellar performance at Boomtown, we managed to grab a few hours of his time to shed some light on why we were determined to add Skope to our lineup.