The latest addition to the Inspected family has become fully engrained into our roster, and we couldn't be happier with the feedback from the fans. We're constantly looking for artists around the world who inject fresh ideas and sounds into the music we release, we found that in Skope. After the recent release of the Nordic EP on Inspected and a stellar performance at Boomtown, we managed to grab a few hours of his time to shed some light on why we were determined to add Skope to our lineup. 

Birmingham born now Bristol-based Sorrow is an artist of whom many UK garage music lovers may have heard. His debut musical adventure was revealed in 2011, when he announced the release of his first E.P on L2S Recordings and has since released his well-received debut album ‘Dreamstone’ with Monotreme Records to the eager public. Working very closely with fellow musician Asa, the duo have made efforts to rejuvenate the grime scene with their fresh twist on the sound, gaining support from acclaimed producers along the way and securing remixes on...


SORROW// from DEAD SKULL on Vimeo.


 Whether it’s visual or audio, Inspected are always looking to collaborate with the worlds most talented artists. As soon as we have a record ready to release we’re intent to find other ways to compliment it’s creativity, and what better way than using video? Dead Skull has been working with us for quite some time now and we thought it was about time people knew a little more about the 21 year old...


With a new year comes a fresh set of challenges and opportunities that we’re all eager to hit head on. We have an entire bank of unreleased clothing that we’re excited to develop and release, as well working on our seasonal collections for 2015. We wanted to give you all a brief summary of what we have planned moving forward, all which have been made possible by your continuing support.

Our pop-up store at Boxpark in Shoreditch was a massive success, we we’re humbled to see both current and new customers come...