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October 12, 2023

Ahead of the release of 'Holonomy' next week, we sat down with Vorso to ask some very important questions about the album...

Questions written by Steph Contant

1. Tell us everything there is to know about ‘Holonomy’

Holonomy is the most complete collection of my music I’ve ever worked on. I actually started this project while working on another huge project which I was taking a break from… I thought it would be fun to start a few singles in the meantime. However, I quickly realised that so much of the music I was making was starting to share a common vibe and I just couldn’t separate them into different releases. The project really started coming together during lockdown when I started exploring more of the local area around me and the South coast.

2. Was the whole “20 tracks, no-collaborations” thing intentional?

I didn’t set out to make a “no collabs” album… I love working with other musicians! I just found that I had a lot I wanted to say with the album and a lot of styles I wanted to explore, and the scope of the project just kept growing the more I worked on it.

3. Which track from ‘Holonomy’ holds the most personal significance to you, and why?

That’s so hard to say, every tune is very personal and has been with me for such a long time. I would definitely say Power Through has a particular resonance for me. I started that one in Spring 2021, I could feel that the album was taking shape but also that there was still so much left to do. There was this really strong feeling of a goal being closer than ever but still just out of reach - I really wanted to try and communicate that through music.

Both Power Through and Searcher are tracks that are influenced by the album-making process. They both have an aspect to them that I feel like it would have been impossible for me to capture outside of this project.

4. Who did the art for the album? What was the inspiration behind it?

The artwork was created by Ed Cheverton. My partner has a print of one of his artworks which she put up in my music studio, where it has been inspiring my music ever since. I felt like his bold and colourful style would fit well with the themes of the album. He’s done such an incredible job on all the artwork for the release - the interior of the vinyl gatefold is just beautiful.

5. What role did Oscar Opiuo have in the project as a whole? (something along the lines of inspiration to support?)

As always Oscar is a huge inspiration to me. It was great to start applying some of the things I learned from working with him to my own music. Definitely really cool to see some of the videos of him playing out tunes from the album, was great to see how they went down live at Red Rocks!

6. Did anything you learned during your computer science degree come in handy while creating ‘Holonomy’?

Absolutely! The concept of Holonomy was something we went through in optics / computer vision. Also my final year project involved creating a system to convert body sway during musical performance into a control for effects, which lead me to working with optical flow and the Xbox Kinect to create a gesture-controlled performance system. I love that feeling of physically controlling music which has lead me straight into a modular synth obsession.

7. If your DAW could talk, what do you think it would say to you after all the hours you’ve put into the project?


8. What’s a must-have snack in the studio?

Plain digestive with tea cannot be beaten.

10. If you could score any movie, who would be the director and what genre would the movie be?

Wow that’s hard, hoping to have some more time to watch films now I’ve finished the album…

Working with modular gear has got me really into making ambiences and using found sounds. I would love to try making something very atmospheric.

11. Time for another speed run?

Always!! That was such a fun challenge, was so cool seeing how everyone approached it. Also created such a nice bank of super short videos showcasing a bunch of cool techniques, hoping it becomes a learning resource for anyone that wants to make basses

Vorso 'Holonomy' is released 18th October 2023, as Inspected's 50th release. 

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