INSP001 Gemini — Blue EP (wav + mp3)

INSP001 Gemini — Blue EP (wav + mp3)

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Hold the press! As much as you’re used to reading hyperbolic nonsense written by over-enthusiastic promo monkeys, we are not kidding when we tell you that here we have one of the most exciting dubstep debuts that you’re likely to hear this year.

Though many of you won’t have heard of Gemini yet, his rise to prominence is already assured. Without so much as a single dubstep release under his belt this young producer has been snapped up by Hadouken, Willow Smith and Kelis to remix their tracks.

“How did an unknown manage to pull that off?” we hear you ask. Well, it’s thanks in large part to YouTube. It’s unlikely Google could have predicted that their web 2.0 user populated video site would lead to such a goldmine of A&R wealth, but Gemini owes a debt to them since his track ‘Blue’ (featured on this EP) was spotted by management company Three Six Zero who immediately snapped him up for some serious remix work.

One listen to any of the four epic tracks on this EP will explain why Three Six Zero were so excited by this twenty year old prodigy who’s still completing his degree at university! Did we mention he sings all his own vocals too?!


Inspector Dubplate presents: Inspected

Inspector Dubplate started up his own YouTube channel with the aim of posting clips of his favourite tracks to share them with his friends. Fast forward 6 months and his channel had gained 2,000 subscribers and was rising fast. Acting on his unexpected accomplishment, Inspector Dubplate began to contact record labels and artists to get hold of fresher and newer music to upload.

Now Inspector Dubplate’s channel has grown to an immense 35,000 subscribers with over 50,000 following the Inspector Dubplate Facebook fan page. His new project is the record label Inspected and with Gemini’s debut EP as its first release it’s guaranteed just as much, if not more, success.