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Powered by Inspected: X


Powered by Inspected: X

Inspected hit the grand old age of 10 and it’s time for some powerful reflection… 

Flipping last year’s nine-year celebrations, this year’s anniversary collection continues to look back over the years and cherry-pick some of the many, many favourites… But this time does so with full focus on the Powered by Inspected collection. 

Double Marbled Vinyl — £25
Double Marbled Vinyl + 3x Artwork Prints — £35

A1. Skope - Control Tower - Listen here
A2. Culprate - Animal - Listen here
B1. COPYCATT - Survive (ft. Maksim) - Listen here
B2. Buunshin - Trauma - Listen here
B3. Clockvice & Vorso - Catastrophe - Listen here 
C1. Echo Map - Heat - Listen here 
C2. Teknian, Disprove & Ordure - Lockheed - Listen here
D1. Vacant & Sorrow - Camellia - Listen here
D2. Hudson Lee & Tom Finster - Flymmer - Listen here 
D3. Monuman - Hurts When I'm With You - Listen here

+ 10 Track Album
+ Double Heavyweight Marbled Vinyl
+ Includes WAV/MP3 Download