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Vorso — Holonomy


We are incredibly proud to announce our 50th release.

We celebrate this milestone with an epic 20-track album from an artist who has been with us for over half a decade: Vorso

Vorso's Holonomy explores countless facets of electronic music with an unwavering dedication to technical excellence and a penchant for radical innovation. A sonic experience that transcends genres and seamlessly blends elements of drum and bass, house, techno, and more, Holonomy spans over ninety minutes, yet never grows stale.

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+ INSP050
+ 20 Tracks
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1. Badlands
2. Business As Usual
3. Staycation
4. Chef's Suggestion
5. Coastline Paradox
6. Facets
7. Power Through
8. Weirdzone
9. Arps
10. Big Drum
11. Palindromes
12. Dockyards
13. Holonomy
14. Shroud
15. Listening Station
16. Offshore Platform
17. Searcher
18. Tricks
19. The Lighthouse
20. Penrose Staircase

Written & produced by T. Slattery
Artwork by Ed Cheverton
Released by Inspected
Inspected Records 2023