The Cap Collection

The Cap Collection

It's been a while since we released a hat. 

We bring you the Division Cap. A super-soft checked material in our polo-cap silhouette, finished with our signature rubberised logo badge and velcro rear-strap.

Also introducing the Glados Cap, constructed from 100% brushed cotton in the polo-cap silhouette. This cap features our repeating brim logo, finished with an embroidered main logo.

You’ll only pay to ship once for AW19 as each order from Rust, Division or the Cap collection comes with a free shipping code within your order confirmation.

Available tomorrow, 3pm GMT.

The Division Pants Collection

Introducing the Division Pants Collection.

Super-soft checked material, in a relaxed fit. 
Release 2 of 5 this November for AW19.

If you purchased any of the Rust items, check your order confirmation email for free shipping throughout November and December. 

Alongside each clothing release, each Friday we'll be releasing a single from The Movember Collection on Spotify and all streaming services. This week, “Mosaic”.

Available tomorrow, 3pm GMT.

The Rust Collection

This year, we're doing things differently. 5 drops over 5 weeks — launching this week with The Rust Collection.

Relaxed fit, heavy-weight and ultra-soft garments. Preshrunk and bleached for the Rust effect, each piece is unique due to the dyeing technique. 

Alongside each drop, we'll be releasing each single from The Movember Collection on Spotify and all streaming services. Because you asked.

Releasing Thursday 31st October, 3pm GMT. 


The “1992” Collection — Preview

Introducing the all-new collection, “1992”.

Inspired by early ’90s culture — a full clothing collection plus vintage mixtape packed with brand new music.

10 new pieces + new music — launching Friday 3pm GMT.

SS19 –– The Sunglasses Collection

SS19 –– The Sunglasses Collection

For over a year now, we’ve been carefully curating our latest sunglasses programme. The collection focusing around five brand new pairs, crafted from acetate, titanium and matte black walnut. Each detail, carefully considered. As always — extremely limited quantities.